Pebco Electronics Group in 1376 was stablished with the aim of providing differentiated services to banking network. And as an advocate for the telecommunications industry and information technology, electronics and especially in the country's banking industry is considered.The group has a significant presence in the banking network and backed by over 18 years of cooperation with more than 800 experts and have local knowledge in the application focuses on online banking and development of electronic industry factories, have firm belief in research and development and promoting knowledge and innovation and creating the national level .

The group offers its services in the following areas:

  • Electronics manufacturing industries, including the manufacture and supply of  ATM Machines, IP Media, Printer, Sorter, Note Counter, Check Scanner and ...

  • IP Media technology in order to provide services software and updates in the context of media services.

  • Modern software products include comprehensive system of centralized banking, Core Banking, and electronic payment systems.

  • Data centre services and call centre

PEBCO Electronics Group coincide with market trends and increasing use of online banking has decided to expand its activities in this regard and in addition to producing and developing the latest technologies and architecture of hardware, software and new systems and partnership agreements with several local and foreign companies making these products by Iranian experts and conversely export their products, effective step to meet the needs of our customers with the latest international standards has been taken.